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Our Tree Specialists have years of experience. We perform numerous types of Open Field Surgery on our patients.

Pruning and Trimming of some type are the most common methods, whether it be

    • Crown Reduction,
    • Crown Thinning or
    • Some Crown Lifting.

We additionally offer Deadwood services, which are basically removing parts of the dead or unhealthy tree. You don't want other parts of your tree to be infected, so it's always best to remove this possibility before it does further harm.

Our team are experts in tree Surgery and Pruning and would be more than delighted to inspect your tree or trees and discuss what is required.

We can provide advice if required, and it also gives us a chance to see what's required should you require a quote to do the work.

Contact us now to discuss how tree surgery may help your tree or trees.

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    Need more information on the best types of Tree Pruning

    Typically, we would use a pruning saw to prune and shape the tree, tree pruning tools, and a petrol chainsaw for removal of the larger, heavier branches. However, there can be occasions where noise is a problematic factor, and we can, if requested, use an electric chainsaw. Please let us know beforehand if this would be a requirement.

    Crown Lifting

    Suppose you feel that your tree's lower reaches are encroaching on walkways, paths, roads, or overhead lines. Or you believe that you, your garden area, or property need more light, then Crown Lifting is for you. Removal of a number of the lower branches would help lessen these issues. 

    It should be kept in mind that a full examination would normally be made before potentially affecting the tree's structure. Older, mature, fully grown trees should seldom be raised.

    Similarly, care needs to be taken when those bigger branches are eliminated. This can impact the aesthetics, balance and wellness of the tree.

    Thinning of the Crown

    Crown thinning the canopy (or cover) of a tree is the recognised technique to boost its health and visual appeal.

    The benefits of crown thinning include:

    • Greater access of light to your property and garden
    • Enablement of better wind flow to move through the cover (less resistance)
    • Lightening of the tree.

    There are circumstances where crown thinning would not be recommended, for example. If the tree has root issues or concerns, we would look into performing a crown decrease.

    Crown Reduction

    For crown reduction and forming, particular techniques are used when we need to reduce the spread or height. We perform careful trimming methods that are determined by the species of the tree.

    Reducing the tree's weight and size makes the tree more robust and resilient in adverse climate conditions.

    At Lanarkshire Tree Servicing, we will advise on the best possible means to reduce or shape the crown, which will meet your needs and the tree's health and wellness needs.


    Dead wooding is a must in any tree to remove the risk of possible injury to somebody, something, or even possible damages to the home/building. It is also critical for the tree's health. We focus on dead, broken, or infected branches, structurally weak, and even decayed limbs.

    If you have any questions about anything above, please contact us to discuss.

    Typical Questions about Tree Surgery

    We often get asked questions like

    When should tree pruning be done?

    It's best between Autumn and early Spring. If you would like to prune earlier please speak to your local specialist. Typically depending on a tree's health, size and type a tree's pruning cycle is 3 to 5 years.

    How do you trim a tree without killing it?

    Remove by pruning any roots that are wrapped around the base of the tree along with any broken roots. Then remove and branches that are broken or damaged. This reduces the chance of infection spreading to the good wood. Then prune carefully ensuring good healthy leaves are untouched.

    Does pruning trees encourage growth?

    By removing branches that are dead, tangled, diseased or infected you improve the health of the tree or shrub. When you prune the tree, care must be taken as each time you make a cut it should only be to promote growth or retain health.

    What do tree surgeons charge?

    How much is a tree surgeon for a day?

    And the answer for Tree Surgeon prices is never easy. It can depend on how many hours is needed for the job. What equipment is needed, how many men are needed.  If any equipment needs to be hired, as we can't afford to keep everything in stock, etc etc so unfortunately its not something we can normally state until we see the job.

    We are happy to nip out and quote a job or even better if you can send us pictures we can normally give a rough estimate on Tree Surgeon costs if you provide enough information along with the photos. Thank you

    Cumbernauld Tree Surgery by Lanarkshire Tree Surgeons

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