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Welcome to our Tree Cutting and Tree Felling Page

Are you worried and need some advice on one or several of your trees?

Is it an emergency?

Whatever the circumstance, we would be happy to evaluate the site for you as rapidly as possible and provide our opinion on what's best.

We can advise as to whether the tree is unhealthy or unsafe and if there is any other option but to remove it. If removal is the recommended method, we can determine whether it would be best to fall the tree in its entirety or remove it in sections. In addition to this, we can also discuss with you whether the stump is to be removed from the site or left in situ.

One of our primary priorities will be to ensure your property and any inhabitants are safe while performing the works required. Of course, we are fully insured for your and our peace of mind.

Being a local, young, and family-owned company, we pride ourselves on quality, pride, respect, and value.

Give us a call now to discuss how we can help you with your tree needs!

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    Why Go For Tree Removal?

    Some reasons for tree removal

    • Potential damaging to the boundary or home walls
    • Overgrown trees, i.e., too big for the location now
    • Telephone or Services line entanglement
    • Dangerous and damaged trees
    • Damaged by Storms or excessive weather
    • The tree is dead

    If there is no alternative to tree removal, we will then look into the best, safest, and most efficient removal method.

    We apply our expertise and knowledge to ensure your property and surroundings are safe. We will also evaluate the most effective method of the actual removal of the trunk and branches. Proper Preparation prior makes everything more manageable in the long run.

    If there is enough space and no possibility of any damage, we will seek to "fell" the tree intact, which is hugely satisfying. Someone always gets to shout "Timber."

    More often than not, though, there is not the required space to fell the tree in one piece, and we commence dismantling the tree. Basically, this means we dismantle the tree piece by piece until we get down to ground level. Access to the tree could simply require a secure ladder if straightforward or may require scaffold or a cherry picker. We will always inspect the access needs prior to any work starting.

    We typically use a petrol chainsaw or a tree cutting for removal. However, in certain instances, there can be occasions when noise is a factor, and we can, if requested, use an electric chainsaw.

    Please let us know prior if you think this would be a requirement.

    And now the tree is down.......

    If you have decided that it's best to have the tree stump removed, we will perform that activity.

    Once complete, we would remove all parts of the tree or trees and transport them off-site. You can, of course, keep the tree for further use. We can cut the trunk to roundels if required.

    Please advise before the event if we don't have to take away the tree.

    Whatever you need, give us a call now.

    PS As mentioned on our Home Page. We only like to perform Tree Felling if there are no other options. In this instance, we promise to plant two replacement trees to help our guilty conscience.

    If you would like to know more about our tree planting activities, please get in touch. It's not all Tree Cutting and Tree Felling, you know!

    Common Questions out there about Tree Cutting, Tree Felling and Tree Removal

    How much does it cost to cut down a large tree?

    A: Difficult one to answer without seeing it. Depends how large, location, accessability, potential for damage, has the tree to stay on site or be removed etc. We are always happy to view the property and give a quotation.

    Can I remove a tree myself?
    A: Again, the answer is Depends. If you can safely get to the branches and the trunk without needing a platform or ladder then we say go ahead. We always recommend anything over two to three metres to be performed by a professional. If you fall from 2 metres or higher or a tree takes you with it then you can be seriously injured.
    When should a tree be cut down?
    A:  If the tree is a danger to you, your property or interferes with lines etc it should be surveyed. If it is indeed dead then it's only a matter of time before it starts to detach itself from the ground. In this instance, it's better to be proactive than too late. If it simply requires trimming to remove any danger then this can be performed.

    Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property UK?

    A: If the tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) then without permission, it's an offence to cut down, uproot or wilfully destroy any trees

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