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Who Best to Keep Your Hedge Plants in Shape?

Lanarkshire Tree Surgeons aren't limited to just playing with trees. We also offer hedge trimming, hedge cutting, hedge removal, and hedge maintenance as part of our range of services. We contract with both commercial and private customers.

Whether you are searching for a one-off or routine maintenance, we can assist.
Whatever solution you request, you can be assured that our professional tree surgeons will take suitable care of your boundary area.

A healthy and balanced well-trimmed hedge from our hedge cutting service can provide an ideal beautiful framing to your property, whether it be a private house or a commercial property.

If you are searching for the very best service with fantastic value for money in the Lanarkshire, Falkirk, West Lothian, and Greater Glasgow area, please give us a call now.

We are a young up-and-coming family company  aiming to be successful in the Lanarkshire Area. We would love to have your support.

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    Make Your Borders a Thing of Beauty

    Hedging can be found in all shapes and sizes. From fast to slow-growing, evergreen, seasonal, some hardy, some not so hardy.

    There are too many variants to detail on this page,  but the most common ones are


      • Leylandii Conifer - The most common. Fast-growing, evergreen, and hardy. Various types available
      • Box Hedging - Low maintenance, slow-growing, and not as hardy as most
      • Laure Hedge - Fastest growing non-conifer type, evergreen, and very hardy. Various types available
      • Privet Hedge - Small to medium in size, evergreen/semi evergreen, dependent on weather, very popular
      • Brabant - Fast-growing conifer, evergreen, very hardy. Various types available
      • Thuja Emerald - Cone-shaped, slower growing, an evergreen that needs less maintenance, hardy
      • Red Robin - As its name suggests. Not green. Fast-growing, hardy, and evergreen. Even though it's red
      • Native Hedging Plants - Many types available. Deciduous (not evergreen, apart from Holly)


    A few of the hedges above can shoot up to 80 feet high. This might suit some people, but most people cut their hedging to an acceptable height that gives shelter, privacy, and beauty. When maintained properly, your bush will remain robust, vibrant, and healthy and will look great all year round. Hedge Cutting and Pruning also assists in regards to the health of the plant. The removal of dead and broken branches helps stop any disease and infestation. Branches that extend out to and interfere in public areas could also be a danger to the public.

    We typically use a hedge trimmer / bush cutter to cut, trim and shape the hedge and a petrol power saw for removal. However, in some circumstances, there are occasional times when noise is a factor, and we can, if requested, utilise an electric power saw. If you think this would be a requirement please let us know. 

    The regularity of hedge trimming and upkeep depends on the time of year and the type of hedging. If you cut the hedge or bush when the plant is vulnerable to bad weather, you could lose the plant altogether. We also have to take care not to disturb any nesting birds.

    We do our absolute best to preserve and protect the trees, hedges, and shrubs as they are so critical to our environment. Removal to us is always the last option. However, when we do have to remove trees or hedging, then we always plant two trees for every tree/hedge removed to ease our consciences.

    If you would like to know where we plant or, even better, would like to assist in our next planting, please let us know. 


    For advice and a quotation, call Lanarkshire Tree Surgeons now.

    Common questions about Hedge Plants

    Some of the most popular hedge plants questions at the moment are :

    What's the fastest growing hedge?

    A: Leylandii can grow up to 3 feet a year. So don't go on any extended holidays!

    What is the best hedge plant?

    A: This depends on what you are after. Whether it's speed of growth, thickness, height, evergreen etc. See above for some choices

    How long does a hedge take to grow?

    A: This depends on type of hedge, some grow much faster than others

    How close to a fence can I plant a hedge?

    A: What type of hedge are you looking to plant? If it will be large then it's best to leave 2-3 feet. If the hedge is of a smaller to medium variety then 1.5 to 2 foot is normally sufficient.

    When should you trim a hedge?

    A: General concensus is pre March and after August to avoid disturbing nests.

    What is the proper way to trim hedges?

    A: Remove and deadwood by hand and hand shears. Use shears or a trimmer to thin the top of the shrub. Then move to the lower end of the bush and remove roughly a quarter of the older branches each year. Finally when trimming the remainder of the hedge, ensure the bottom is slightly wider than the top using a hedge trimmer.

    How much does it cost for hedge trimming?

    A: This depends on the size of the job, access, how many men are needed, what equipment is needed, what needs to be taken away, lots of factors. We are happy to provide a quotation.

    Is it ok to cut hedges now?

    A: We recommend bush cutting at pre March and after August if there are any birds nesting. Otherwise if the bushes are clear then you are good to go.

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