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This article has been brought to you by Lanark Tree Servicing. When looking for Cumbernauld Tree Surgeons, we're here, ready to assist you.

Cumbernauld is the largest town by population in North Lanarkshire. Not bad for what people call a so-called "New Town." Would you believe Cumbernauld is actually more than 500 years old? Or rather Cumbernauld Village is, so maybe not so new after all.

We are based close to Airdrie, and Cumbernauld is the closest large town for us. As mentioned in other pages, we like to shop, work, and try to keep business local, so Cumbernauld is where we buy most of our materials. We also work there regularly, removing and maintaining trees and bushes on commercial contracts and personal households.

We don't limit the jobs we can perform as we can always call on other trusted colleagues. Obviously, we ensure that they work to the same high standards as we insist on.

As mentioned in other pages, we try to concentrate on the Greater Lanarkshire area for practical reasons such as less travelling to and within the major cities, less traffic, less parking issues but in all honesty, it's simply because we prefer to work locally. This allows us to keep our prices slightly lower than companies based in the cities, and as a local company, we like to keep things as local as possible.

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    We are looking to expand our family business in 2021. If you are looking to enhance your household property or commercial property, we would be delighted to assist in any tree or hedge needs you may have. 

    Please click on the link below to be directed to our main page, which details all the different services we offer.

    We look forward to hearing from you, whether we've worked together before or whether you are looking for someone new this time.

    Who are Lanarkshire Tree Surgeons in Cumbernauld and What can They do?

    Lanarkshire Tree Servicing for your tree removal needs in Cumbernauld

    Lanarkshire Tree Servicing is a family-owned business based close to Airdrie in North Lanarkshire. Cumbernauld is merely a hop, skip, and a jump for us. 

    As your local company, we can cater for all your tree and hedge needs, whether it be advice, removal, or maintenance. 

    Our Cumbernauld Tree Surgeons (we group them by town that as it's easier to remember where they are) have worked in numerous areas in the Cumbernauld and surrounding area and would be happy to provide any advice you may need. 

    Our Cumbernauld Tree Surgeons, how can they Help you Today?


    Whether it be tree felling, tree removal, tree surgery, hedge cutting, hedge trimming, stump grinding or stump removal or any type of variation, we can deliver.

    We welcome commercial contracts and regular residential maintenance contracts and would be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

    As above, we invite you to view our home page that gives you a taste of all the various services we offer. If there's anything you'd like to discuss that's not there, please let us know.

    We are confident that we can provide what you are looking for and would love to hear from you soon.

    Lanarkshire Tree Servicing for your tree removal needs in Cumbernauld

    Our professional and friendly team is waiting to hear from you.